Lollipop Shop


Today Adler and I met my sister and Brother-in-Law in Downtown Jonesborough to eat lunch and take the kids to the Lollipop Shop. I love Fall and this was a perfect day outside to walk the streets of the little historic town!

We grabbed a bite to eat at the Main Street Café.  It is a small café right in the middle of town, so after we finished eating, we took the kids for a walk and did a little window shopping. There are great antique stores, as well as a couple small boutiques. The kid’s favorite stop of course was the Lollipop Shop, where they each got to pick out their own sucker. It was such a cute place! I felt like a kid all over again. It’s days like these that keep me young and inspired! I hope you guys found some sanity in the midst of election day as well. We have to make the best of every day and world around us. Stay inspired!

xoxo Kara B.



Adler’s vest is from Baby Gap and Jeans from Old Navy.


My floral lace choker is from Express. Finally, chokers have made a come-back! I’ve always been a fan!! My “A”initial pendant necklace is from Francesca’s, and stands for Adler of course!


These cute little booties are from Charming Charlie. I’ve been extremely impressed with how comfortable they are!


My long necklace is from Premier Designs… I have a small collection of their jewelry thanks to my mother. My tan vest is from Charming Charlie. It is on sale right now!!


These Koala Baby sneakers, I scooped up at a Duck Duck Goose Consignment Event. I am in love with them. The best part is that I only paid $3! Children’s consignment is where it is at people. No need to spend a fortune on growing babies.


Hudson loved his Lolly Pop!

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