Feeling Flannels

Today has been eventful to say the least! Joshua is on a hunting trip, so I’m spending the weekend at my parent’s house. With a child of my own, a niece, a nephew, and a sister still in high school, there’s never time to “relax”. We are constantly going on errand runs or chasing kids. My Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law saved the day by keeping Adler for me. Based on the SnapChats I’ve received he’s loving the attention, and I finally have a moment of peace to blog. It’s a win win!

I took advantage of some “me time”and convinced my little sister to be my photographer. We always have fun and I’m glad we got to have a mini hang out session. She’s 100% teenager and a social butterfly, so our times together are limited.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to style a flannel. This one is on repeat for me lately. I love that I can wear it so many different ways. You never feel like you are wearing the same outfit twice if you just style it differently each time (fist pump)! Dress them up or dress them down. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Go get creative with your flannels too!



Plaid flannel  / Fur Vest / Crossbody Bag

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