5 Beauty & Fashion Trends I’m Thankful For

O.N.E.: Dark Lips

I’m obsessed with this color and gloss from MAC right now! The color is called Stone. I am wearing the liner and lipstick. The gloss is the Arianna Grande edition that they are selling right now. You can also just wear Stone as a matte without the gloss, but sometimes I like to add a little shine.


Sometimes I just like to wear my hair different than all up or all down. That’s why I love half up buns! The best part is you can make them messy because that is the trend. I’ve heard several girls say they don’t look right with this hairstyle, but I believe ANYONE can rock this look. It’s a little different, sure, but wear your half bun with confidence and STOP second guessing. I’m sure mine looks a little weird sometimes, but guess what? I like it and I don’t care. Someone once told me people can only make you feel the way you allow them to. So if you like how something looks on you, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Fashion is a way to express yourself. If feels good to let loose every now and then.


Suede or leather, over the knee boots are so in right now. I bought these last year and for the life of me cannot remember where the heck I bought them. For that I am sorry, but I can tell you they are not hard to find. I’m dying for a black suede pair (hint to my husband if you’re reading this) :)!


I’m so happy over-sized sweaters are a thing. They are comfortable, warm, and you have room to grow in them! I think it is perfect Holiday attire, because you can eat all you want and not have to see your fat rolls! This particular one is all over Instagram, so I searched high and low. A lot of places are out. I found this one at a boutique out of New Jersey called Gifted. They were seriously so nice and I received it in less than a week. You should check them out!


Again, the same oversized sweater, but just wanted to point out the lace ups. This is very “in” right now and I love the look of it. You can find this sweater online at Gifted.

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