I hope everyone had a great Thankgiving! We celebrated early with my parents so yesterday we celebrated with Joshua’s parents. We ate way too much and Adler experienced his first time on a four wheeler. I’m in trouble because he loved it and is going to be a thrill seeker like his dad. I am most thankful for him this year and experiencing all of his firsts!

As you already know I’m in love with chokers. You can find this one from Target!

My lace pants are from Forever 21. I’ve modified them by adding maroon leggings underneath, because they only have built in shorties and are see through the rest of the way down. I wanted a more modest look. 

My top is from Forever 21 as well. It is very soft and comfy! I got it on sale for $9!

Adler’s outfit is all Old Navy. You can find the checked shirt here. I loved the colorblock sweater and plan to match it with lots of different outfits. This is his first pair of skinny pants and they were so cute! 

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