Body Image 101

With starting this fashion blog, I’ve heard a lot of feedback. Some that sounds like, “That won’t look the same on me” or, “I can’t pull that off”. Today I’m getting up close and personal about females and body images. First off, I AM a female. I have a mother, sisters, friends, mother-in-law, sister-in-law,cousins, aunts. I’ve heard every negative thing a woman could say about themselves, not to mention the words that come from my own mouth. We all have things we don’t like about our bodies. 

Today I’m going to share with you the things I don’t like about my body and how I deal with it when it comes to styling myself and looking in the mirror every day. First off, let me say that scripture is powerful and we should all remind ourselves that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God doesn’t make mistakes. He designed every feature of our bodies just the way he wanted them to be, but He didn’t promise us we would like it!

So let’s get to it:

1.) I have super fine hair and it is STICK STRIAGHT. This can be a pain, but we aren’t getting new heads of hair people. I already know I don’t like to wear it all down and straight. My options are to curl it, braid it, or put it up in a way I know I like it.

My resolution: Figure out what ways your hair type will style the best and stop trying to make it look like hers! There’s ways I’d like to wear mine that I see on other girls, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

2.) I have CHICKEN LEGS. No joke my ankles are the size of an 8 year old. This is sooo hard when I’m trying to find booties I want to wear, or skinny jeans that don’t look huge around my ankles.

My resolution: I for-go the booties that I fell in love with in the store and find a similar pair or something else that will fit correctly. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and tend to have bigger calves, just keep looking. Just because you can’t fit “those boots”, doesn’t mean you can’t find a at stylish pair that will work for you. It may just take a little extra looking!

As far as jeans, I can’t always wear the “trending” brands. I know the style and brand that will fit around my tiny little chicken leg and I wear them on repeat or buy multiple pairs of the same brand. Just because so and so has the new American Eagle jeans and they are the best jeans of her life, does not mean they are right for you. Find what works.

3. ) After having a baby, I have loose skin and stretch marks on my belly. I was a bikini addict in the Summers before, so I thought my life was over when I saw stretch marks.

My resolution: I decided to embrace high wasted bottoms and whole pieces. Turns out, they make super cute ones of each and I didn’t have to worry about showing my belly. I will always love bikinis, but I doubt you’ll find me in one in the near future. Will I have bikini envy? I’m sure I’ll always be a little disappointed that they don’t look the same on me as that hottie on the beach. Sometimes we can’t all have babies and bounce back to our mark-free bodies. I’m just thankful for my beautiful baby boy and accept that it’s part of it! If she had a baby and didn’t get stretch marks, well then good for her! We are all on the same team. Jealousy does no good, it’s not going to change what you don’t like.

Because of the loose skin, I try to opt for higher wasted bottoms and flowy tops. This is a great combo to conceal your waistline!

4.) I HATE my teeth and my nose is not symmetrical. True story. My teeth are huge and because of pointy eye teeth, I’ve been told I look like a vampire (from several different small children). You have to laugh because they tell the truth! As for my nose, nobody believes me until I show them, so just ask next time you see me haha.

My resolution: Just embrace it, this is the part of the motivational speech that I don’t necessarily have any type of real resolution. Unfortunately without some type of procedure, which I don’t plan to have, I’m stuck with big teeth and a crooked nose. This is to point out that if you have something about your genetics that you just don’t like, you have to learn to embrace it. I just don’t dwell on it. I focus on the features I like about myself.! I’d go crazy constantly thinking about the things I can’t fix, so why focus on it every day?

I say all of this to say that we ALL have insecurities. We ALL have things we dislike about ourselves or things wish we looked different. We wish we had her butt or her face or her hair.

The main resolution: Stop comparing yourself. You have what has been given to you, and you have to learn how to work with it. EVERYONE has the ability to be stylish and confident in what they are wearing. True, some of us may have more difficult features to work with, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying, because there’s always a solution. Also, it’s not always about WHAT you are wearing, it’s about HOW you wear it. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident and you will feel amazing about yourself on a daily basis.

I believe in all of you! Now go get things that work for YOU!

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