New Years Eve Day

I’m soaking up every last second of today. This year has been good to us (especially since we were blessed with our Adler Kade). This morning Maddie (my little sister) and I watched make up tutorials and tried out her Carli Bybel palette (I liked the highlights in it, but the lid shades took extra application because they aren’t extremely pigmented).

We grabbed lunch at a place called Woodlands BBQ. It’s small inside, but the food was delicious! Next, we drove into Boone to shop at a boutique I love, called Boone Belles. Joshua sat in the car with Adler to let him get a little nap while I shopped, then we switched so he could look in the Mast General Store. 

As many times that we’ve been here, we haven’t ventured into downtown Boone. It’s crawling with people, but is a cute little area with neat shops.

We are finishing up our evening with Kilwin’s Ice Cream, then going back into hibernation. We are bringing in the New Year with my family, inside, with sweat pants, left over apple pie, and old school Mario Kart racing! How are you guys finishing out 2016? I’m excited to start a NEW YEAR. I think it’s going to be the best yet!!! Happy New Year everyone 😊😊😊.

Outfit Details: Off Shoulder Sweater (similar to the one I’m wearing) / Blush Chocker / Grey Booties / Floppy Hat

Beauty: Eyes- Carli Bybel Palette

Lips: Mac Liner in Oak / Mac Lipstick in Angel / Mally Lip Gloss in Orchid

Mountain Vibes

I always took for granted growing up in the mountains. I used to be infatuated with city life, claiming I would always live there one day. As I have gotten older, I have gravitated back to my roots.

I LOVE the mountains. They are beautiful, comforting, and slow-paced. Southwest Virginia will always be my favorite, but the mountains of Blowing Rock are equally beautiful . I started coming to the Blowing Rock area in college to ski with friends, and now it is a favorite get-a-way for Joshua and I.

Some things Blowing Rock has to offer; Downtown shopping (including Kilwin’s Ice Cream!), Local dining (we are considering the Daniel Boone Inn while we’re here), Tanger outlets, and with a short drive, Sugar Mountain Resort. We may give tubing a try this year! There’s also the Tweetsie Railroad for the kids, when the weather is warm of course.

I feel like no matter how many times we come, I always find something new. My favorite this year has been Camp Coffee Roasters. OMG! I’m going back for more white chocolate toffee nut that is for sure!

Outfit details: Prana Beanie / Oversized Sweater /  Jean Button-Up / Hunter Boot Socks / Black Pants…these are Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s and are my all time favorite. I’ve worn them on repeat for 2 years and they still look brand new. They are comfortable, thick enough to be worn as pants, and have held their shape perfectly. I’ve convinced both my sisters to own a pair….and they are on sale right now!

Lips: Mac Cremesheen Glass in Gumdrop

Can’t Stop Blushin’

Today we had early Christmas at our house because we will not get to wake up there Christmas morning. It was seriously the best! Adler loved his toys and Joshua and I exchanged gifts to one another. We are finishing up the evening in Sevierville at the Shadracks Light Show. It’s been a great Holiday Season with our little one. I can’t wait for more babies and more Christmases!

I couldn’t wait to wear my new gift! Joshua paid extra attention this year and bought me this Prana vest I’ve had my eye on! He’s the greatest!

My outfit details: Vest / Leather Leggings / Pom Beanie (it is the softest! I love, love, love it.) / Rose Gold Shades  / Cream Sweater / My Tan Lock Bracelet is Mud-Pie and on sale for $7

Beauty: Lip liner: Mac Lip Liner in Oak & Mally Lip Gloss in Orchid

Adler’s outfit: Green Pom Beanie / Baby Gap Jeans / His Green Shirt is actually a pajama top from Old Navy, but I like it as an undershirt too. It’s not online anymore, so they may be sold out. His Gray Cardigan is from Gymboree!

Seeing Santa

It has been a CRAZY past two weeks. Between Joshua, Adler, and I, we’ve had pink eye, strep throat, and sinus junk! We were excited to have a day where everyone is finally healthy, so we decided to take Adler to see Santa! This Christmas is so much fun with a little one! We’ve loved experiencing all of his “firsts”!!

Seeing Santa requires looking festive. My red sweater is from Banana Republic Factory. You can find one like it here!  My skinny jeans are also Banana Republic Factory. They are my favorite! They hug my skinny ankles and hold their shape so well. I hate when jeans stretch out and these absolutely do not!

My tassel necklace is Premier Designs. My mother is an independent distributor. You can contact her about purchasing jewelry!

My undershirt is a chiffon plaid blouse. I got mine from my previously owned boutique. You can find a similar one here.

It’s been cold around here, so Sprocket is staying cozy. He had to get dressed up for Santa too! I found this cute sweater for him at Wal-Mart. It’s only $9!!

He didn’t even cry when he saw Santa!

Adler’s “On the Nice List” shirt was a gift from his auntie and is from Gymboree. It’s on sale for $10!

 His pants and checked shirt are Blueberi Boulevard from Cracker Barrel.

 His gray booties are from Old Navy. They are also on sale right now for $10!!

Inexpensive Christmas Wrapping

It doesn’t matter what Holiday it is, I LOVE embracing every aspect of whatever there is to be celebrated. One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season, is to wrap presents. I usually blare Mariah Carey’s Christmas playlist (I know every word to every song) and wrap away, while singing along of course.

I think we all look to different places for inspiration and Pinterest is one of my favorites! I’ve put together some of my favorite gift wrap ideas for this year. It is rustic and I’m in love. Also, I wanted to wrap on a budget so it’s all simple and affordable, yet classic and timeless!  Continue reading “Inexpensive Christmas Wrapping”

Christmas Shopping

It’s 10am and so far my day has gone a little something like this…

I sat down to feed Adler breakfast and Sprocket decided he HAD to go to the bathroom right then! He paced back and forth with his annoying little whimper until I finally heard enough and got up to let him out.

So Adler finishes breakfast and we go to change his SECOND poopy diaper of the morning, when we come back to find Sprocket had jumped onto my white couch with his muddy little paws. He gets put in time out, but as soon as he’s out  he’s attached to my hip. I’ve put up two loads of laundry and stumped my toes on his lanky legs no less than 15 times this morning. I really do love him. He just tests my patience.

Adler on the other hand rose at 6:30 and was full of energy. He’s already tried to eat mud, toilet paper, a contact case, and a hair bow. When he’s not trying to cram every object he finds in his mouth, he’s in the bathroom ripping the toilet paper to shreds, going through my jewelry box tangling my necklaces, and figuring out ways to escape past the horrific contraption of toys I have piled to block the stairs, so he can’t climb them.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already tired! Nonetheless I’ve poured my cup of coffee and we are going to march on to try to do some more Christmas shopping. Shopping stories with a baby is a whole other blog entry. Are there other moms with me?  Luckily, one thing did go right for me and I was able to get a shower and put this outfit together and post on the blog while Adler napped and before the chaos reconvenes!!

Outfit Details: Jessica Simpson Cold Shoulder Sweater / Gray Fedora Hat / Booties– they are on sale!! Straight leg jeans

Home for the Holidays 

When we were growing up my mom would transform our house into the North Pole. It was Christmas everywhere you looked! I remember the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me to have our house all festive. My dad would spend an entire Saturday hanging ice sickle lights and wrapping the shrubs.

I never realized the work the two of them had to put into decorating, but I’m glad they did it. Now that I’m grown and have Adler, I want him to experience Christmas the way I remember it. We didn’t get too crazy with decorations this year because our house has been an ongoing project, but we got a little festive! Here’s some decorating tips and a look into our cozy little home 😊.  Continue reading “Home for the Holidays “