Can’t Stop Blushin’

Today we had early Christmas at our house because we will not get to wake up there Christmas morning. It was seriously the best! Adler loved his toys and Joshua and I exchanged gifts to one another. We are finishing up the evening in Sevierville at the Shadracks Light Show. It’s been a great Holiday Season with our little one. I can’t wait for more babies and more Christmases!

I couldn’t wait to wear my new gift! Joshua paid extra attention this year and bought me this Prana vest I’ve had my eye on! He’s the greatest!

My outfit details: Vest / Leather Leggings / Pom Beanie (it is the softest! I love, love, love it.) / Rose Gold Shades  / Cream Sweater / My Tan Lock Bracelet is Mud-Pie and on sale for $7

Beauty: Lip liner: Mac Lip Liner in Oak & Mally Lip Gloss in Orchid

Adler’s outfit: Green Pom Beanie / Baby Gap Jeans / His Green Shirt is actually a pajama top from Old Navy, but I like it as an undershirt too. It’s not online anymore, so they may be sold out. His Gray Cardigan is from Gymboree!

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