Seeing Santa

It has been a CRAZY past two weeks. Between Joshua, Adler, and I, we’ve had pink eye, strep throat, and sinus junk! We were excited to have a day where everyone is finally healthy, so we decided to take Adler to see Santa! This Christmas is so much fun with a little one! We’ve loved experiencing all of his “firsts”!!

Seeing Santa requires looking festive. My red sweater is from Banana Republic Factory. You can find one like it here!  My skinny jeans are also Banana Republic Factory. They are my favorite! They hug my skinny ankles and hold their shape so well. I hate when jeans stretch out and these absolutely do not!

My tassel necklace is Premier Designs. My mother is an independent distributor. You can contact her about purchasing jewelry!

My undershirt is a chiffon plaid blouse. I got mine from my previously owned boutique. You can find a similar one here.

It’s been cold around here, so Sprocket is staying cozy. He had to get dressed up for Santa too! I found this cute sweater for him at Wal-Mart. It’s only $9!!

He didn’t even cry when he saw Santa!

Adler’s “On the Nice List” shirt was a gift from his auntie and is from Gymboree. It’s on sale for $10!

 His pants and checked shirt are Blueberi Boulevard from Cracker Barrel.

 His gray booties are from Old Navy. They are also on sale right now for $10!!

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