Mommy & Me Vol. 1

Welcome to my very first Mommy and Me Monday! These are going to be my weekly posts on Motherhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m also going to be featuring a Mommy and Me look along with my post! I hope you enjoy.

Today’s topic in the mom world, weaning. I tend to see things as black or white, so when the pediatrician told me they like for you to breast feed for at least a year, that date has been imprinted in my skull. No more, no less. One year, here we go. I can do this.

I have enjoyed the sweet moments that breast-feeding brings. It is pretty amazing what your body naturally knows how to do. However, I am more than ready to have my bosoms back to myself. I don’t want anyone or anything touching them for a VERY LONG TIME. I had no clue how selfless one must be to accomplish a year of breast feeding. It’s not just the fact that it takes time, but it can be really inconvenient in certain moments. I feel like Johnny Cash when I think about all the places I’ve breast-fed. “I’ve fed everywhere man, I’ve fed everywhere, crossed the deserts bare, man, I’ve fed everywhere.” I got over modesty real quick. It might have been when a friend of my mom shamed me when I went to the car to feed the baby. She said, I quote, “You don’t go to the bathroom to eat your hamburger do you?!” Well there you go! Continue reading “Mommy & Me Vol. 1”

Lumberjack First Birthday

Whew! I am just about Lumberjacked out! We had an amazing time Saturday with family and friends celebrating Adler Kade! I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I think I’m over Buffalo Plaid haha. We definitely took the theme and ran with it. From clothes to napkins and table runners and invites and plates. It looks like a Plaid Buffalo threw up in our house!

On a serious note, I loved how the decorations turned out, so I thought I would share all of them with you in case you are planning anything Lumberjack themed in the near future. I plan on spending the day cleaning up from our big party, because I was too tired to do it after everyone left! Our hearts are full of love, our house is full of presents, and Adler’s belly is probably still full of his Smash Cake, that he literally smashed! I hope everyone has a great Monday in the snow! Hopefully everyone’s enjoying a little relaxing snow day.

InvitesYou can find these cute Lumberjack invites at Hobby Lobby.

 Hot Chocolate Bar

Decorations: The Rustic Framed Chalk Board is from Hobby Lobby  and is currently 50% off! (the only time I buy bigger purchases from them because they run sales ALWAYS)

Wood Servers are from Bed Bath and Beyond  / For the mason jars,  we attached chalkboard tags with a red jute ribbon. Both the ribbon and chalkboard tags we found at Michael’s. / The Pine Cones are also from Michael’s / The Buffalo Plaid Table Runner is from Amazon / Birch Paper Straws are also from Amazon.

INGREDIENTS:  Continue reading “Lumberjack First Birthday”

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure

Today Adler and I got into another antiquing project! I love to re-do furniture, so we finally got to the basement table. I’ve been putting it off for months now, because it is time-consuming and a little bit of work 😊. I put together a short “how-to” guide because if you’re like me, you don’t want in-depth details, you just want to do it! Soooo…… Continue reading “One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure”

Not Letting it Rain on my Parade

OH MY GOSH! It has been a day people. Let me keep it short and sweet by telling what insanity has been going on around here. I’ve hunted in my attic along with a Wildlife Professional for flying squirrels that have been haunting me at night; I’ve cared for a sick, clingy, whiney baby;  I’ve chased after an imaginary burglar with my hand gun; I’ve performed stage one of the Heimlich maneuver on Adler who was choking on a pear, attempted to catch up on the mound of laundry I’ve had piled, chased after Sprocket who stole Adler’s dinner, beat Sprocket and banned him outside until I forgave him, attempted laundry again, and then I gave up. Adler has finally surrendered, so, I decided to decompress and blog! Continue reading “Not Letting it Rain on my Parade”