17 Things That Need to Change in 2017

1. Caring what people think: Be honest with yourself, we all do it! Does it really matter if we get approval of others?! I think we only paralyze ourselves of our fullest potentials by caring so much! I’m pledging to STOP and you should too!

2. Speaking negative: Why is it so easy to be pessimistic. I have gotten in such a terrible groove of just saying and seeing the negative. I’m making myself aware of this and making a change! Only positive words for me. This year I’m learning to control my tongue.

3. Being lazy: I’m great at being a go-getter at some things, but I do just enough to stay caught up. I’m pledging to all of you that I will not just do enough to get by, I’ll go to bed 30 minutes later to read that book or finish the dishes!

4. Running late: My husband is praising Jesus right now. I’m the worlds worst to push my luck on time! This year I’m striving to plan ahead and not always be rushing around!

5. Waiting until tomorrow: Ahhhh! Procrastination. Don’t you know it feels so much better to just get it done?! Why do we gravitate towards waiting? I want to be one step ahead of the game on my to do list this year.

6. Eating bad: Fat girl at heart alert! I will take a snickers bar and Doritos any day of the week. Truth be told, I hate eating healthy. This is an hourly struggle for me. I will conquer it!

7. Initiate conversations first: I would describe myself as an extrovert, but only when I’m around people. Sometimes it’s still an effort for me to be outgoing (hard to believe I know). When I’m alone, I become withdrawn and quiet. Sometimes I need that alone time, but I want to be better at letting everyone know I’m still here and I still care!

8. Having road rage: I’m ashamed to admit that this is even a resolution. I’m driving a lot and I’m just tired of dumb people on the road!! However, I’m vowing to make a conscious effort to stop verbally abusing my fellow drivers, even when they can’t drive 😊.

9. Sticking to a routine: Why self? Why can’t you just do what you stinking say you are going to do?! This should not be a difficult process, but my flesh sure does like to make it one. I’ve got to do better!

10. Pray and read my Bible DAILY: Don’t point your fingers. As much as I like to think I have it all together, I stink at being faithful to read and pray. I don’t know about you, but my relationship with God instantly suffers. Any of you know what you need to do, but continue to not do it? It has to be the most frustrating thing ever.

11. Let go of silly pet peeves: This goes along with being negative. There are things that get on my nerves that seem to get to me easier in my older age. I’m not sure if it’s hormones or if I need an attitude adjustment, but I’m really trying to not let silly things get me all worked up!

12. Stop letting emotions rule me: A new baby mixed with lack of sleep have brought out the craziest of crazy in me. I’m vowing to cherish the good moments and stop letting stress and anxiety determine whether or not I have a good day.

13. Forgive quicker: Unfortunately my husband suffers the worst from this one. He just knows how to push my buttons! Sometimes I can hold a grudge longer than I should. I’m striving to be better at letting things go.

14. Be on my smart phone less! This is really going to be a hard one for me. I think I have a slight addiction and I’m not proud of it. Sometimes I pick my phone up with no agenda, it’s just comforting to have it! Raise your hand if you’d flip without your smart phone!!

15. Love more: Isn’t this what we are all really here for? I find it harder and harder to love people unconditionally with the state our nation is in, things people say and do on social media, and people just being more rude these days. In the end we have to love!!!

16. Spend more time outdoors: I love being outside, but seem to always get distracted (by smart phone and television). I’m making it a goal to just soak up nature with the people I love this year and stop wasting time on things that aren’t important!

17. Be more selfless: I don’t consider myself to be a selfish person, but I have found it difficult to give up my wants and needs after becoming a mom. I’m just being transparent! Becoming a mom has been the best thing that’s happened to me, but it’s definitely been a learning process, and a challenge!! I want to have MORE of Him and LESS of me in 2017. If God is the center I will be the mother and wife he’s called me to be!

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