Not Letting it Rain on my Parade

OH MY GOSH! It has been a day people. Let me keep it short and sweet by telling what insanity has been going on around here. I’ve hunted in my attic along with a Wildlife Professional for flying squirrels that have been haunting me at night; I’ve cared for a sick, clingy, whiney baby;  I’ve chased after an imaginary burglar with my hand gun; I’ve performed stage one of the Heimlich maneuver on Adler who was choking on a pear, attempted to catch up on the mound of laundry I’ve had piled, chased after Sprocket who stole Adler’s dinner, beat Sprocket and banned him outside until I forgave him, attempted laundry again, and then I gave up. Adler has finally surrendered, so, I decided to decompress and blog!

When it rains, it really does pour. I’ve never understood how it always pans out that way, but somehow it does. On the bright side, I found some killer rain boots with a pop of color to brighten up this rainy day, literally and figuratively. How many of you mommas and wives are reading this right now nodding your head? It’s just all about survival after all. Life has a way of testing our character. I made up my mind I just need to be angry for a moment, but then I’m not letting it rain on my parade!! We can do this ladies! If you’ve had a trying day or two, shake it off and do something healthy for yourselves, like online shopping 🙂

Outfit Details: Grey Sweater Dress– This is technically a dress, but it is a little short so I paired it with leggings. P.S. it has a hint of cashmere so it is super soft. Not to mention, it is an addition 40% off of the discounted price, so you can snatch this baby for $28. This is a steal because this dress was originally $80!!!

Red Rain Boots:  These are Kenneth Cole Unlisted Brand. I found mine at Belk, but you can purchase them online at (one of my favorite websites to find shoes)!! They add the perfect pop of color to brighten up a rainy day.

Buffalo Check Blanket Scarf: I just bought this scarf at Charming Charlie before Christmas, but they have apparently already sold out of them! I linked a similar one that is only $18!

Black Choker: Forever21 is seriously the best. I bought this baby for $5 and it’s one of my favorite chokers.


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