Breaking The Rules

Don’t mix brown and black. You can’t mix gold with silver. Absolutely do not wear white pants after Labor Day….ooops!

There are so many fashion rules out there that honestly, I’m not sure even exist anymore, but everyone is still trying to implement them. I say join the rule – breaker club and wear whatever you want! Ok, maybe not whatever you want, but seriously, fashion has evolved so much over the last few years, that there are really no “rules” anymore. White is a color that can and should be worn all year around. I was getting a little bored with my jeans so I picked up these white pants the other day and I think I love them. They’ve lightened up my look and have me day dreaming about some warmer weather. P.S. I also wear brown with black. I am a true rebel. Whose with me?

Outfit Details: Blush Lace Up Sweater / White Jeggings / Tan Booties / Rose Gold Shades


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