Feelin’ Lucky 

Hey Everyone! Today I have a guest on the blog, my handsome hubby. We are talking about why we love our Lucky Jeans. It’s a brand that has been around for quiet some time, but in case you are not familiar with them, here’s a few reasons why you should consider owning a pair!

We spent the day in VA yesterday so on our ride home, our conversation went a little like this:

Hey babe, I’m working on a post about jeans. Why do you like your Lucky Jeans so much? Side note: He’s super supportive of this blog passion of mine so he put thought in his answers which I love!

“I’m tall and have long legs, so its rare that I get a pair of jeans that fit true to size. They sit well on my waist and fit my thighs, because I have big legs. The stretchy aspect also plays a huge role in the fit in letting them be comfortable while I’m walking or sitting. I’m usually extremely uncomfortable. They obviously look great, but I’m all about comfort. I’ve had other jeans that have been comfortable but they compromise the good fit due to being baggy. These are the most comfortable, well fitting jeans I’ve owned.”

He has one pair that I have to keep clean because any time we are going somewhere I hear, “Hey babe, where’s my Lucky Jeans?” Because he is the master of ultimate comfort in clothing, I figured I would try a pair for myself. Here are some reasons I have loved mine so far:

They have held their fit through washes and wears. I’ve worn several brand names that stretch out after I’ve only had them on for a few hours. They also fit me in all the right places. I CAN’T STAND when jeans gather around my ankles or slide off my waist. Lastly, because of my obsession with dark wash jeans, I appreciate the fact that have sustained their wash regardless of how many times they have been in the washing machine!

Luckily, (no pun intended), there’s a sale on select men’s and women’s items going on right now! You can also receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. It is the perfect time to try a pair of these jeans for yourself or check out their accessories and apparel which I also love!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope some of you are enjoying time off on this President’s Day!!

Stay Inspired!


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