How To Style Your Built-Ins Like a Pro

I am excited to be able to say that I am working with TJ Maxx! I decided early on that I would only blog about brands and companies that I used and believed in. I’ve used TJ Maxx for several spaces of our home, but one of my favorites is in our built-in shelves.  They always have a great and ever-changing selection of home decor, which I love! It doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable.

I’ll be honest and say that decorating has been a learning process for me. I owe a lot of thanks to HGTV and guidance from friends, so I can’t take all of the credit. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Mix textures: You can add so much character to a space by just mixing metal, wood, glass, rock, etc.
  2. Mix colors. This one was hard for me because I love symmetry. I was shocked at how copper compliments galvanized metal and dark brown wood looks good with light brown wood. (Mind blown).
  3. Mix sizes. You don’t want everything the same height. Tall flowers look best next to a short candle holder, etc.
  4. Mix styles. I love that you can use classic pieces, such as a flower-pot along with a rustic wooden candle stick.

Here are similar products you can use for your next shelf makeover!

Galvanized Lantern / Faux Topiary in a Ceramic Pot / Grass in Cement Pot / Succulent in a Terrarium / Metal Lantern / Honeycomb Vase / White Flowers

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