The Best Cellar

Twenty Eight! How is that even possible? This is the 7th Birthday I’ve celebrated with my husband and he is sure making it one to remember.

We are celebrating in one of my favorite places, Blowing Rock. My hubby was kind enough to plan a surprise trip for us, and it was a much-needed one! Those of you reading this that have children understand that one on one time is rare if not nearly impossible with a little one; but also a necessity to maintain a healthy relationship. So, here we are! Today we packed our bags, dropped Adler off with his grandparents (I have a much harder time leaving him than he does me leaving), and headed on our way.

Joshua chose The Best Cellar for dinner and we loved our food. I would definitely recommend dining there for your next Blowing Rock experience. I tried Lamb for the first time and Joshua had an amazing filet. I’m glad I branched out, but in case you are wondering I think chicken and beef are still my top choice :). Maybe it was just getting past the thought of eating something different because the texture was a lot like steak. The flavor was good, but it was a cute little fuzzy Lamb! The atmosphere was warm and quaint which set the romantic atmosphere perfect for a date night.

The next thing we need to discuss is this fabulous dress, I’ve been stashing it for almost a year for the perfect occasion. When he told me our weekend plans I went straight to my closet and pulled it out!. It comes in several different colors and patterns and I just learned it’s available in short sleeves for Summer! 

The story behind it: I found it at a store here in Blowing Rock last Spring and was dying inside because they didn’t have my size, plus the price is more than I’d normally pay for one peice of clothing. However, because of my deep love I was on a mission to find this dress in my size and splurge on the price. I instagramed until I found Monkees of Richmond who had ONE in my size. I  placed my order and did a happy dance!! With that being said, this dress runs large. I am wearing an XS 😊.

I’ll be sharing more about our trip soon, but for now I’ll share with you my dream dress and have you pondering on the fact that I ate Lamb :)…. I may be being a bit dramatic

Outfit details: His – Shirt / Jeans        Mine: Dress / Shoes

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