My Birthday Surprise

There is one thing I know for sure. That is, life is NOT perfect. Have you ever played a question game and asked something like, “Describe your perfect day.” You answer with some far-fetched idea that is usually not ever realistically going to happen. With that being said, I feel like someone needs to pinch me, because for once in my life I feel like my husband accomplished the impossible. He created for me the PERFECT day. 

I’m not one to make a big deal out of my Birthday. It is actually a running joke in my family that my Birthday is cursed. There’s always been an ordeal that’s happened to throw a hitch in my plans. Not this year! Joshua was kind enough to take me on a get-a-way in Blowing Rock, NC for the weekend. Just the two of us. We left Adler with his grandparents so we could have some alone time. I talked about that in my previous post. Like most moms, I wanted time with my husband, but felt guilty for leaving him behind. Nonetheless our first night was amazing which I’ve already shared. You’ll have to read my previous post to catch up.

Day Two: We woke up and had a cup of coffee together. We are reading the same book right now, titled Good or God by John Bevere. It is great for spiritual growth if you are looking for a new read! Since we were wanting to read at the same time, Joshua read out loud while I got to cuddle up next to him. Next, we cooked breakfast together and ate looking out of the window at the most amazing view. We then had prayer together and got ready for our day.

We decided to try out a restaurant on Main Street that we hadn’t tried yet. We picked The Town Tavern.  They are known for their Philly and Fish & Chips. Joshua picked the Philly with sweet potato fries, which he said was amazing. I tried the Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings dipped in ranch! Their ranch was on point and I’m almost positive was home-made. After lunch we walked and talked a bit to a coffee shop close by called Camp Coffee Roasters. I had a campfire latte which consisted of toasted marshmallow flavoring along with mocha! Joshua had a Hazelnut latte. We sat in a nook in the shop and relaxed while we enjoyed our coffee and one another’s company. It was so peaceful.

After food and coffee we made a quick stop at the Tanger outlets then headed back to where we were staying. We were feeling cold and lazy so Joshua took a nap while I worked on my blog in bed next to him. We were getting a little restless due to all the free time we weren’t used to so when he woke up, he suggested we play some cards. What I didn’t know, was that he was deterring me from my ultimate Birthday surprise. He informs me his aunt who lives close by was going to stop and say hello so I was listening for the door. When I heard some movement, I headed up to let her in only to find both sides of our families yelling SURPRISE! You guys, I was soooooo excited. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my family. He had arranged for EVERYONE (almost everyone, we have big families) to come spend our final two nights together.

We had dinner reservations for 13 adults and 3 kids in 45 minutes at Foggy Rock Eatery. We all got ready and headed on our way. Dinner was fabulous. Everyone really loved their food. My favorite is their Fried Green Tomato Sliders complete with their home-made pimento cheese spread. YUM. After dinner we made a grocery and birthday cake pit stop. If you want a life changing experience, you must try the ice cream cake from Kilwins. We had cookie cake flavor and toasted coconut. OMG! We were all dying. It was truly amazing.

We completed the night on a serious note with family prayer time, remembering a dear family in our community along with other prayer needs among our family. Post prayer lead to conversation  around the dinner table. That is one of my favorite times. Learning about one another, lifting one another up, telling stories, laughing, and crying. So the next time someone asks me my description of a perfect day. THIS. This you guys, was the most perfect day.

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