An Easter Basket for a Toddler

I LOVE celebrating Holidays and really soaking up the joys of each one. I have such fond memories of Easter, and I want to continue these fun times with Adler! This year is technically his second Easter, but he wasn’t fully able to enjoy it last year. I decided since he’s at an age to attempt egg hunting that I would go ahead and buy his “forever” Easter basket, or bucket in this case. I found this one on Etsy and could not let it pass me by. It’s only 22 bucks and it’s made of metal so it will last forever. Divide that by however many years and it cost me like a dollar a year! Give or take ….. And that is how I justify my purchases. The second part of this process was my trip to Target, where I found all these goodies to stuff it with! They have the ONE dollar section right when you walk in the door. Most everything I got was from there except for a few of the items I splurged on. The items that ran more like $5 a piece were the bubble bath, the touch and feel book, and the bathtub crayons. My grand total was $25. I take that as a score and could have lowered the price had I stayed in the $1 section.

Hope you enjoy all the items from my Target haul. Hoppy Wednesday… (get it) hoppy. 🙂 Ok I’m done now.

Stay Inspired,


$1 Section$1 In the toy aisle. Adler loves ducks and this one winds up to swim!

Both of these from the $1 section!The stick on the left is a wand that lights up when you hit it! Adler cheated because he was with me, but he loved it! The egg and wand were both $1, the crayons were a splurge item.Not from the dollar section, but these bubbles were in the toy aisle for $1


2 thoughts on “An Easter Basket for a Toddler

  1. I found that same little bunny racer and grabbed it for my daughter’s basket too! 🙂 Last year I put this little wind-up bunny that hops in her basket, and a year later she remembers it and loves to play with it all the time. Its the little things! ❤


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