Good Friday

Goodness! I am still recovering from the weekend of activities with our families. I’m sure you all had your own busy weekends. Though they are tiring, they make my heart full!

We started Friday out with a sick baby! I wasn’t about to have a sick baby on Easter weekend so we went to the doctor first thing. It turns out he just had a sinus infection, so a little antibiotics did the trick. He was good to go.  Joshua finished up a full day of work and we headed to VA to start our Easter activities.

We attended our first ever flashlight Easter egg hunt at our church. It was so fun watching all the kiddos get excited! Adler liked that part the most. He isn’t old enough to get the concept of collecting the most eggs, but he liked chasing after excited kids. By the end, Joshua and I realized we had both caught Adler’s crud. We managed to survive the weekend on a Dayquil and NyQuil rotation!

Saturday we got to meet Leo, my little sister’s new bunny. He is sooooo cute. Adler giggled and I chased him around for about 30 minutes trying to get a cute picture (an impossible task I’m sure). We then had more family to visit, a birthday dinner to attend for my grandmother, a baby shower for a dear friend, AND colored eggs, decorated cookies, and made bunny cars with twinkies and peeps! Are you tired yet?! My head couldn’t hit the pillow soon enough Saturday night. After a full day and some NyQuil in my system, all I remember was waking up (a little grumpy if I’m being honest) and it was Easter morning!

Outfit details: Off Shoulder Top / White Jeggings / Tassel Earrings / Wedge Sandals

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