Bluegreen Vacations

Today has been the most relaxing day! I am currently sipping some Starbucks while Joshua is on the golf course. I wanted to share with you how we ended up in St. Augustine and tell you about Bluegreen vacations while I have a moment to blog!

Joshua and I booked this trip originally because back in December he got suckered into recieving Bass Pro Gift Cards in exchange for a three night stay with one of Bluegreen’s locations. He loves Bass Pro. What man doesn’t? Being the skeptic I am, I didn’t want to do it, but I let him win the battle and we signed up then and there. We figured we would pick somewhere warm and take a trip with just one another, so St. Augustine sounded perfect! Neither of us had been before.

What is the deal? I know some of you are wondering! You arrive in the evening of your first nights stay. The next day you attend a group presentation for about an hour. Next you are matched with a personal representative where you are given a tour, numbers of what it would cost to own a TimeShare, and where your further questions are answered. After you complete this process, you are free to enjoy the rest of your vacation! We started at 8:45 a.m. and were finished up around 12:30 p.m. The key: The fewer questions you ask, the sooner you get to leave.

Would I do it again? The trip has been great for the price honestly. There’s not been any hidden fees thrown at us in what I seemed to believe sounded like a too good to be true scenario. YOU DO however, have to have a backbone unless you intend on buying into a Time Share before you sign up on one of these trips with Bass Pro. I hate telling people no and sometimes end up feeling sorry for the salesperson so I had to remain quiet and let Joshua be the no sayer! I do think it could be a program if you and your family travel a lot, and you have the finances available. We left with buying anything, but I’d say it’s worth hearing for yourself and getting to vacay at the same time!

Outfit Details: Swimsuit / Beach Hat / Sunnies

P.S. this swimsuit is under $20 and my hat can be purchased through a phone order with Gifted Boutique!

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