Hello From St. Augustine

Hi friends! I’m writing to you from my bed in St. Augustine on this beautiful Saturday morning. I can’t wait to share more details from our trip in my upcoming blog posts. 

Today is our last day so we are relaxing as much as possible. I think Joshua is going to golf while I lay by the pool and read a book. It’s funny how before kids that sounded boring to me. Speaking of kids, I miss our little man so much. I can’t wait to kiss his face off tomorrow.

Last night, Joshua and I found a local sushi bar called Tank’s Sushi Bistro on yelp. We were in sushi heaven you guys! It was a tiny little restaurant but every table was full. They sat us at the actual sushi bar, which was entertaining because we watched how the they made all the different sushi. It was so fresh it melted in your mouth! I highly suggest going there if you’re a sushi lover and if you may be traveling to the St. Augustine area any time soon.

We had enough room in our bellies afterwards to grab some dessert, but didn’t want to travel 20 minutes to a bakery so Joshua had a brilliant idea. He took us to Walgreens where we got our own carton of Ben and Jerry’s. We brought it back to our room and enjoyed it right from bed. I love making memories with my husband. He makes anything a fun time!

You can find my outfit details from last night linked below! Happy Saturday guys!

 Outfit Details: Bottoms / Top / Wedge Sandals /                    Pom Straw Bag / Tassel Earrings

P.S. For the straw bag, simply call the boutique to place your order. Their number is on their Instagram page which is linked! You will LOVE it.

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