Road Trippin’

Wednesday night I drove my baby boy to my mom’s house to be dropped off for the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, I already talked a little bit about this. It is the hardest thing to leave your kids and go on trips after you become a mom! I used to hear women say this and think, “That is crazy! It’s just a couple of nights, and you need the break.” It’s just different when it is your own. I feel guilty, like he is being mistreated by being left! Are there any other moms who deal with trip anxiety? My mind also goes to dark places, like, “What if we get in wreck and leave him behind.” What? Why do we do this to ourselves?! I know we shouldn’t feel this way, but something changes when you become a mom.

On the other hand, I’ve heard multiple couples speakers talk about the importance of taking time outs together after you’ve had children. I love my husband more than anything, so I follow through with these types of trips because I want him to always remember that and know he is my priority too! It’s funny because talking to him about this he feels completely different. I asked, “Do you feel bad leaving our child?” His response… “Well no!” Men. Haha!

It took us about 8 1/2 hours to get to St. Augustine. It was not a bad trip, I just get really ready to get out of the car at like hour 6! We took turns driving, napped, had heart-felt conversations, and jammed to our favorite music. It’s funny how in the moment we take things for granted. I try to always remind myself that “half the fun of the trip is what happens on the way there”. Road trips with my favorite person? Sign me up for about 5 more!!

Outfit Details:

Floral Detailed Top / Hat / Shoes

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