The Best Swaddle Blanket

Six weeks have come and gone with the arrival of our newest addition, Leland Drake. I’m finding that having time to blog is few and far between. I plan on trying to find more time now that I am used to a routine with two kids! I have been posting along on my Instagram stories so I still get my fix! What are some things my readers out there would like for me to blog about?! I’m not a professional by no means, but I do plan on sharing my favorite baby products I’ve discovered along the way. I’m thinking of sharing my fitness journey?! Any other ideas? Throw them my way!

Today I’m sharing with you a swaddle blanket that I LOVE! If you have Facebook, I’m sure you have seen it. I was skeptical to order something from an ad, but watched a short video tutorial and was sold. Adler loved to be swaddled, but I couldn’t find a blanket I loved to use for him. He grew out of the phase quickly. Leland, on the other hand, loves to be swaddled and might I add, he sleeps! I can’t give the blanket ALL the credit, but I know it definitely helps with a combination of other things I’ve done differently with the second child.

So, let me just say, if you are interested, and have your own new bundle of joy, or one on the way, you must purchase the newborn bundle. The bundle comes with mittens, a cap, and the blanket. You guys, the material is sooooo soft and makes for such an easy swaddle. I don’t want to ramble, so here’s a list of the high points I LOVE.

  • The fabric is truly the softest
  • The blanket is large in size so can grow with baby, even into toddler years.
  • Baby is used to being bundled up, it’s comforting to a fussy baby, swaddling is a must.
  • Mittens serve two purposes, they can’t scratch their faces AND when in public, their little hands can’t be touched by strangers.
  • The cap helps hold in heat, which again helps with sleep
  • The cap is also adorable and can be worn with a number of their outfits.
  • The stretchy material of the cap also grows with baby!

Are you sold yet?! Here’s the link to Lou Lou and Company. They have new prints weekly! I may or may not have two different sets because I loved them so much! Happy shopping mamas!

Photo credit: Dana Mullins Photography

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