The Flip House

Let me start out by saying that as easy as HGTV makes it look, flipping a house is no joke! Since Joshua started into the real estate business with his brother, we have done some renovations to smaller units, but THIS, this is our first full flip baby. If you would like to test your marriage and/or relationship of any kind, then I encourage you to flip a house together. This particular project has taken about 3.5 months with a lot of lessons learned along the way. There have been laughs, there have been tears, there’s been sweat, there’s been changed minds, mistakes and corrections, hugs, joy, frustration, agreement, disagreement, and the just about any other emotion that exists. However, when it is all said and done, the hectic journey is soon forgotten and the finished product was so very worth it.

Join us on our first journey with these before and after pictures! As for us, we are on the look out for our next project! Wish us luck!


After of the exterior. We just updated some paint colors and refreshed the landscaping! The front door color is Benjamin Moore “Rushing River”. I had it color matched to Sherwin Williams. We also painted the columns in Sherwin Williams color “Stucco” to match the siding of the house.

Before and After of the Kitchen

The island color is Sherwin Williams “Nordic Bleu”

Before and After of the Dining Area

All main living area is painted in Sherwin Williams “Pure White”

Before and After of Living Room

The accent wall color is Sherwin Williams “Repose Gray” one of my favorites!

Before and After of Sunroom

Before and After of Master Bath

The wall color is Sherwin Williams “Silver Strand”

Before and After of Second Level Bath

Adler wanted in the photo haha


Before and After of Bonus Room


Wall color is Sherwin Williams in “Alabaster”

Before and After Second Level Bedroom


Top wall is Sherwin Williams “Dover White” and Bottom wall color is “Pure White”

Just some more detailed pictures of the finished renovation:

*I’d like to give Focused Photography photo credit for our “after” pictures!

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