A Dinosaur Party

I’m not going to lie, being two and a half weeks out from my due date with baby #2, the last thing I have felt like doing is throwing another big party. However, I also could not deal with feeling like I was jipping my first-born of being celebrated, so I pulled myself together and decided to give him the party he deserved.

We celebrated his first birthday big (you can check out his Lumberjack Party here), so this year we kept it small with just our families. We have moved States and into a smaller house, so I debated hosting at home, but just love the intimacy of home parties. It wasn’t hard for me to decide the theme for this year’s party as Adler has developed a dinosaur obsession. He has been watching The Land Before Time movies on Netflix! That takes me back to childhood! He also has a block kit that builds a giant dinosaur. He chases me through the house with it from time to time, but I digress….

For his decorations, I found the cutest company on Pinterest! They are called The Happy Wish Company. I ordered his main decorations from them and was not disappointed! I will say, you probably want to enjoy being somewhat crafty as the Balloon Garland had to be assembled as well as the Tissue Paper Garland. It came with clear instructions and I found it rather easy, just time consuming.

I did cut some corners and ordered some of my own things from Amazon. I will post those as well. They have several other themed decorations aside from dinosaur!

Here’s a list of the decorations and a direct link to them:

Roar Silver Balloon Foil Set 

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon Set

Paper Straws

Cupcake Kit 

As far as the serveware goes, I ordered the plates, cups, and napkins from Amazon.

For some party fun, we decorated dinosaur sugar cookies. Here’s a link to my favorite sugar cookie recipe. Here you can find the dinosaur cookie cutters.

Every party needs a good party favor. For these cute party favors I also turned to Amazon! Here’s a list of the bags and what is inside for the guests:

Navy Striped Paper Bags

Dinosaur Lollipops 

Dinosaur Stamps

Dinosaur Tattoos 

I found the thank you tags here. You can download and print them on cardstock for free! I simply cut them out and punched a hole in them in order to attach them to the paper bags.

Prehistoric Punch

1 Liter Pineapple Pop

1 Liter Peach Pop

1 Liter of Ginger Ale

Scoops of Pineapple Sherbet for topping

* Freeze all of the pops to make an icy consistency!

I hope this helps you find some inspiration for your next Birthday party! Especially if you are looking for Dinosaur ideas. Adler had a great time with his family. If I wasn’t ready to have a baby, I’d want to do it all over again!

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An Easter Basket for a Toddler

I LOVE celebrating Holidays and really soaking up the joys of each one. I have such fond memories of Easter, and I want to continue these fun times with Adler! This year is technically his second Easter, but he wasn’t fully able to enjoy it last year. I decided since he’s at an age to attempt egg hunting that I would go ahead and buy his “forever” Easter basket, or bucket in this case. I found this one on Etsy and could not let it pass me by. It’s only 22 bucks and it’s made of metal so it will last forever. Divide that by however many years and it cost me like a dollar a year! Give or take ….. And that is how I justify my purchases.  Continue reading “An Easter Basket for a Toddler”

Monday Motivation

When I was a little girl, my mom said she would always find me curled up somewhere with a book in my hand. There’s something magical to me about getting lost in a story on pages. I have been a dreamer from early on and I loved being inspired by the stories I would read. I always became the main character. I was meeting talking bears in the woods or floating down a river in the wilderness with Huck Finn (Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors). There’s just something about books that make me happy! Continue reading “Monday Motivation”

My Birthday Surprise

There is one thing I know for sure. That is, life is NOT perfect. Have you ever played a question game and asked something like, “Describe your perfect day.” You answer with some far-fetched idea that is usually not ever realistically going to happen. With that being said, I feel like someone needs to pinch me, because for once in my life I feel like my husband accomplished the impossible. He created for me the PERFECT day.  Continue reading “My Birthday Surprise”

The Best Cellar

Twenty Eight! How is that even possible? This is the 7th Birthday I’ve celebrated with my husband and he is sure making it one to remember.

We are celebrating in one of my favorite places, Blowing Rock. My hubby was kind enough to plan a surprise trip for us, and it was a much-needed one! Those of you reading this that have children understand that one on one time is rare if not nearly impossible with a little one; but also a necessity to maintain a healthy relationship. So, here we are! Today we packed our bags, dropped Adler off with his grandparents (I have a much harder time leaving him than he does me leaving), and headed on our way.

Joshua chose The Best Cellar for dinner and we loved our food. I would definitely recommend dining there for your next Blowing Rock experience. I tried Lamb for the first time and Joshua had an amazing filet. I’m glad I branched out, but in case you are wondering I think chicken and beef are still my top choice :). Maybe it was just getting past the thought of eating something different because the texture was a lot like steak. The flavor was good, but it was a cute little fuzzy Lamb! The atmosphere was warm and quaint which set the romantic atmosphere perfect for a date night.

The next thing we need to discuss is this fabulous dress, I’ve been stashing it for almost a year for the perfect occasion. When he told me our weekend plans I went straight to my closet and pulled it out!. It comes in several different colors and patterns and I just learned it’s available in short sleeves for Summer! 

The story behind it: I found it at a store here in Blowing Rock last Spring and was dying inside because they didn’t have my size, plus the price is more than I’d normally pay for one peice of clothing. However, because of my deep love I was on a mission to find this dress in my size and splurge on the price. I instagramed until I found Monkees of Richmond who had ONE in my size. I  placed my order and did a happy dance!! With that being said, this dress runs large. I am wearing an XS 😊.

I’ll be sharing more about our trip soon, but for now I’ll share with you my dream dress and have you pondering on the fact that I ate Lamb :)…. I may be being a bit dramatic

Outfit details: His – Shirt / Jeans        Mine: Dress / Shoes

14 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Gal

Valentines Gifts



Pink cocktail dress

High waisted midi skirt
$29 – yoins.com

Strap sandals

Topshop shoes
$70 – topshop.com

Pearl stud earrings

                                 nordstrom.com                                     belk.com
First of all I have a slight obsession with blush and I know it may be a problem. But in honor of love and because I don’t love red as much as pink, here are some Valentine’s Day inspired gift ideas for all you men and women out there tired of spending $50 on flowers that get thrown away! For mine and my husband’s first Valentines Day I slowly opened a nicely wrapped box to receive a pair of new Nike tennis shoes. I was a little speechless to say the least (we were freshly dating). I liked them. I guess! He went on to explain that if he was going to spend money on me for Valentine’s Day, he wanted it to be on something that would last and I could use over and over.
Now before you get your panties in a wad and become all judgemental, he has since bought me flowers and chocolate and treated me to a romantic dinner. However, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit! So ladies, here’s a list of some things you can ask your man for this year instead flowers! And men, surprise your lady with a little thoughtful gift this year as opposed to the  alternative! You can just call me cupid 😉
I hope everyone has a great Valentines!
P.S. if you’re single, buy one of these cute things for yourself!

Lumberjack First Birthday

Whew! I am just about Lumberjacked out! We had an amazing time Saturday with family and friends celebrating Adler Kade! I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I think I’m over Buffalo Plaid haha. We definitely took the theme and ran with it. From clothes to napkins and table runners and invites and plates. It looks like a Plaid Buffalo threw up in our house!

On a serious note, I loved how the decorations turned out, so I thought I would share all of them with you in case you are planning anything Lumberjack themed in the near future. I plan on spending the day cleaning up from our big party, because I was too tired to do it after everyone left! Our hearts are full of love, our house is full of presents, and Adler’s belly is probably still full of his Smash Cake, that he literally smashed! I hope everyone has a great Monday in the snow! Hopefully everyone’s enjoying a little relaxing snow day.

InvitesYou can find these cute Lumberjack invites at Hobby Lobby.

 Hot Chocolate Bar

Decorations: The Rustic Framed Chalk Board is from Hobby Lobby  and is currently 50% off! (the only time I buy bigger purchases from them because they run sales ALWAYS)

Wood Servers are from Bed Bath and Beyond  / For the mason jars,  we attached chalkboard tags with a red jute ribbon. Both the ribbon and chalkboard tags we found at Michael’s. / The Pine Cones are also from Michael’s / The Buffalo Plaid Table Runner is from Amazon / Birch Paper Straws are also from Amazon.

INGREDIENTS:  Continue reading “Lumberjack First Birthday”

Pumpkin Party


It’s almost time to get in the Christmas mood, but today I’m sharing a couple of ideas for a Fall Birthday or get-together. I made these cute pumpkin party favors for Charlie’s first birthday and had to share. They are so easy,and could still be used for a Thanksgiving party.

I got the idea from Pinterest originally, but kind of made it my own with switching the materials up a little. All you need is:

  • One pack of orange plastic table clothes (Mine were from Wal-Mart)
  • A 9 inch baking pan
  • Green duct tape (picked this up at Michaels)
  • Candy of your choice

This makes around 25 pumpkins.

Trace a circle around your 9 inch baking pan onto your table cloth.

Next just place a handful of candy in the center, wrap the cut out around the candy, twist the top to secure, and hold in place with a strip of the green duct tape. Just like that you have cute little pumpkins filled with candy. Yes, it was really THAT easy. Also this is a super affordable party favor. The most expensive part was the candy, and you can be creative with that, like only using bubble gum instead of mini candy bars. Whatever fits in your budget :)!


Secondly, I’m sharing a centerpiece idea for Fall entertaining. This pumpkin centerpiece was inspired from the Cinderella party theme. However, we all took one home and used them for personal decor afterwards. I like to switch colors up and be a little different sometimes. These would be so cute if you are entertaining for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It does require a little extra work. We used:

  • Light blue acrylic paint. One small bottle covered three medium pumpkins and 10 mini pumpkins.
  • Glitter spray paint (again I found this at Michaels, but I’m sure Wal-Mart would have it).
  • Empty food can
  • Fresh flowers

Cut a small hole around the stem of the pumpkin, gut it, place the empty can in the center, add water and fresh flowers. *An important step is placing the empty food can in the center. This will hold the water to place the flowers in and preserve the life of the pumpkin. If you for-go this step it will cause the pumpkin to rot rather quickly, so I highly recommend doing this if you want your centerpiece to last a little longer!