Hello From Litchfield Beach


Good morning from Litchfield Beach! It may be vacation but Joshua and I are on the Adler’s time clock. We’ve already been up long enough to cook ourselves a gourmet breakfast and take a morning bike ride. Adler is already down for his first nap, so I decided to do a little blogging!

Litchfield is one of my favorites! (The more I blog, the more I realize I have a lot of favorite places). We have a perfect location for riding bikes, so we took Adler and his cousins to get a little morning workout.

We have been coming here every Summer with Joshua’s family ever since we have been together (I believe this is our 7th Summer here). As I have gotten older, I love the fact that the beaches are NOT crowded. We have all the space in the world, so if you are a fan of that as well, you would love this vacation spot. Aside from the desolate beaches, there’s a beautiful private drive situated in between the ocean front rentals and the marsh across the road. Your front porch view is a marsh where you can fish, cast nets, watch others, or the sunset; and your back porch view is the ocean! This place is what I call my little slice of heaven :). Next Summer’s vacation spot for you…Litchfield Beach in South Carolina!

Sharing with you this adorable exercise outfit I found at Target. You can find the workout outfit here. If you are looking in stores it is the C9 Champion brand. From what I can tell, the sports bra is only available in stores. My ever so comfortable white t-shirt is the American Eagle “soft and sexy” brand. My tennis shoes are the Nike Flex Trainer 7 and can be found here! Lastly, my sunglasses can be found here…for $9 I might add ūüôā

Thanks for Stopping by guys!

Bluegreen Vacations

Today has been¬†the most relaxing day! I am currently sipping some Starbucks while Joshua is on the golf course. I wanted to share with you¬†how we ended up in¬†St. Augustine¬†and tell you about¬†Bluegreen vacations while I have a moment to blog! Continue reading “Bluegreen Vacations”

Hello From St. Augustine

Hi friends! I’m writing to you from my bed in St. Augustine on this beautiful Saturday morning. I can’t wait to share more details from our trip in my upcoming blog posts.¬† Continue reading “Hello From St. Augustine”

My Birthday Surprise

There is one thing I know for sure. That is, life is NOT perfect. Have you ever played a question game and asked something like, “Describe your perfect day.” You answer with some far-fetched idea that is usually not ever realistically going to happen. With that being said, I feel like someone needs to pinch me, because for once in my life I feel like my husband accomplished the impossible. He created for me the PERFECT day.¬† Continue reading “My Birthday Surprise”

Mountain Vibes

I always took for granted growing up in the mountains. I used to be infatuated with city life, claiming I would always live there one day. As I have gotten older, I have gravitated back to my roots.

I LOVE the mountains. They are beautiful, comforting, and slow-paced. Southwest Virginia will always be my favorite, but the mountains of Blowing Rock are equally beautiful . I started coming to the Blowing Rock area in college to ski with friends, and now it is a favorite get-a-way for Joshua and I.

Some things Blowing Rock has to offer; Downtown shopping (including¬†Kilwin’s Ice Cream!), Local dining (we are considering the Daniel Boone Inn while we’re here), Tanger outlets, and with a short drive, Sugar Mountain Resort. We may give tubing a try this year! There’s also the Tweetsie Railroad for the kids, when the weather is warm of course.

I feel like no matter how many times we come, I always find something new. My favorite this year has been Camp Coffee Roasters. OMG! I’m going back for more white chocolate toffee nut that is for sure!

Outfit details: Prana Beanie¬†/ Oversized Sweater¬†/ ¬†Jean Button-Up¬†/ Hunter Boot Socks¬†/ Black Pants…these are Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s and are my all time favorite. I’ve worn them on repeat for 2 years and they still look brand new. They are comfortable, thick enough to be worn as pants, and have held their shape perfectly. I’ve convinced both my sisters to own a pair….and they are on sale right now!

Lips: Mac Cremesheen Glass in Gumdrop

New Boots & Nana’s Pond


Adler’s Great Grandmother’s don’t get to see him often. They live about an hour and a half from us, and let’s face it, life is busier than we would like it to be at times. Joshua and I have made an effort to visit them as Adler grows, so they can see his milestones. It brings joy to their lives and warms or hearts to see them interact with him <3.

While we were at Nana’s we decided to utilize a little extra family time together (which is rare with Joshua’s work schedule), and prepare for the upcoming Duck Hunting Season.¬†Joshua is training our Weimaraner, Sprocket, how to retrieve out of the water. Adler and I tagged along for emotional support. If you’ve never heard of the Weimaraner, they are rambunctious, hyper, stubborn creatures, but we love our Sprocket non-the-less. We also had ourselves a little photoshoot since the weather was perfect, and I had just so happened to purchase the new “duck boots” I’ve been wanting before we took our trip.

dsc_0930dsc_0928dsc_0922dsc_1004You can’t be outdoors in the fall without a good flannel. I love this one I picked up at Forever21!

dsc_1003The infamous duck boots. These are the Sperry Top-Sider version. You can find them at several different store locations. They run true to size and are extremely comfy!

dsc_1008dsc_1011dsc_1017It’s not always skittles and rainbows :). This is shortly after he managed to eat half of a leaf that threw me into sheer panic. All is well now, the leaf managed to make itself into Adler’s stomach before I could fish it out of his mouth…We do our best as parents right?!



Catching Up in Colorado

Joshua and I took a belated Anniversary trip (along with Adler) to Pueblo, Colorado this year. We got to catch up with his brother, Luke and his girlfriend, Haley (who happens to be a life-long friend of mine). They were fabulous tour guides, and we got to see some amazing things! If you are planning to visit Colorado any time soon, I am going to post all of the MUST SEE places to visit while you are there! The best part, all but one attraction was FREE!




For more visitors information for Garden of the Gods, click here!

# T.W.O: BISHOPS CASTLE- Located in the San Isabel National Forest (About an hour drive from Pueblo).


I had to snap a picture of this cutie. You can purchase this baby look for him at Gymboree. Get the flannel here and the football bodysuit here.

dsc_0732dsc_0743dsc_0744This place was amazing! The castle was hand built, and is still being worked on! You can hike to the tip top on winding metal stairs! You have to be a bit of a thrill seeker for this one. It is probably one of the most daring things we have done (and we did it with an 8 month old). You get to feel like you are exploring a secret all on your own. No tour guides, and you get to go wherever you are brave enough to venture to. This was an excursion to remember. Here is the link to the official website.

#T.H.R.E.E.: The Royal Gorge Bridge- Located near Canon City


This is the only attraction we had to pay for! Your admission includes a ridge across the gorge in gondolas! You can also pay extra to zip line, which we opted out of. The gondolas are about the same thing, you are just enclosed! You can find out more at their website here.