Our Deck Makeover

If you love the outdoors as much as me and my family, you NEED an inviting space outside. I shared some of our back yard makeover in my last post, but this post is featuring our deck!

As I mentioned before, we’ve been settled in our home for over a year, but we weren’t utilizing our nice fenced in back yard! I decided that it was due time to create a space for the family to enjoy! With the kids having their new play space, it was important to me that Joshua and I have a space to relax, as well as entertain!

We kicked off our finished deck project by hosting our first college game day. The kids were entertained and the adults had lots of viewing options. It was a win win and we are more than happy to have this project under our belts!!

I’m going to be linking products under the photos below in case you’re interested in any of them for yourselves!!

Thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot! I love sharing these things with everyone 🙂

Serving Tray: Pottery Barn / Succulents: Lowe’s / Cactus Plant: Lowe’s / Cactus Planter: Burkes Outlet

Outdoor Rug: Hayneedle

Pouf Seat and Table Set: Amazon

Sectional: Jos and Main / Fig Tree: Hobby Lobby

White Coffee Table: Amazon

Back Yard Play Ground

So we’ve lived at our current house for a little over a year. We aren’t planning on it being our permanent location, so I made a vow that I was NOT doing ANY renovations! We have done updates to every house we’ve been in and flipped 4 other rental properties, so I surely didn’t want another home project. You would think! However, my inner HGTV loving, Joanna Gaines wanna be, couldn’t take it any longer.

The Summer days were getting longer and the evenings were so pretty, and we weren’t using our back yard at all. Adler is almost three and definitely wanting to be outside, so I decided to create him an inexpensive play area, with the space we already had.

Joshua removed the lattice from under our deck, and cleared all the things growing under there out! We simply added a 2×4 down the middle to create two different play stations!

We made an outdoor chalkboard which I’ll share at the end, but used part of the board we had to cut and drilled it into the deck to give Adler and Leland another small chalk board to use at his dump truck station.

For the “dump station” I found foam play mats at Lowe’s. They are 4×4 and 4 to a pack for $20. I believe we only used 2 packs!

For the road, I bought acrylic paint in the craft section at Walmart for $3. I used sponge brushes and painted lines on.

Joshua had an extra tire we put in the center and then we filled it with 4 bags of pea gravel. (Those were $4 each).

For the sand box, we lined it with landscaping liner and stapled it up around the 2×4’s so the sand wouldn’t spill out. Then we dumped 22 bags of play sand in there from Lowe’s! That was the most expensive part, each bag was around $5, so a little over $100 for the home-made sandbox. I did my research however, and most pre-made sandboxes cost at least that much to purchase and are half the size!

Lastly, Joshua and I made this outdoor chalkboard to hang on our fence. I am linking the tutorial we followed here. If you have a handy man, or know someone handy, it really wasn’t a bad project. Painting takes the longest, because the board requires 3 coats, but assembling it was not so bad.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments. I’d be happy to answer them :).

Mustard Ruffle Sleeved Top

Ruffle Sleeved Top / Denim Pants / Leather Bracelet

I was able to sneak off from Adler and go Labor Day shopping this year. We had a girls day at The Pinnacle in Bristol that was much needed! I’ve linked a few of my favorite finds from the day.

The top is from Versona, which always has an overwhelming selection. It was not on sale, but I could not pass it up. I think it’s $30 online! It runs true to size.

My jeans are from the Ann Taylor Loft Factory store. They were and still are 40% off! They have been good to me so far!

My necklace was on the clearance rack for $6.99 at Ann Taylor, but I could not find it online for you.

My bracelet is also Versona! I’m trying to incorporate more versatile bracelets in my outfits and this one is perfect! I linked a similar one for you!!

Happy Shopping!

Denim Overalls

I LOVE twinning the boys right now. I’ve found that one of the best/ easiest places to find matching items in both their sizes is H&M! So far I’ve placed two different orders with them. I did get the wrong size for Leland the first time, but it was super easy to send the larger sizes back, get a refund, and reorder the correct size! (They don’t offer exchanges).

You can find their denim overalls here. I also love placing some cardigans over them to make them versatile for fall wear! You can find these same cardigans here.

I’m also linking Adler’s shoes. I search high and low for his shoes sometimes, but keep returning to Journeys because they always have a huge selection. These slip ons are easy and go with just about any outfit. I’m a big fan!

Long lace open front cardigan

Both my swimsuit and cover up are last year buys, but I’m linking similar lace open front cardigans here, here, and here. I actually purchased mine from this same site and am pleased with the quality. You can’t beat their prices!

Similar white whole pieces here, here, and here. This one is DKNY and has been my favorite postpartum bathing suit because of the material and functionality!

My sunglasses are from the Banana Republic outlet. I found mine at a Memorial Day sale for $10! I linked a similar pare here.

Critter Towels

Today has been a great day of vacation for the Spurlock family! Adler has been scared of the pool but after a week of visiting it, he decided he would start jumping in AND going under. Leland relaxed by the side and took notes. Mom and Dad are proud!

You can find these pottery barn bath towels here!