The Little Black Dress For All Body Types

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I know a lot of you may have a special occasion planned with your loved one. With that can come a lot of pressure. We all want to look our best for our man.

When putting together a look for you guys, I tried to find something that would work for ALL shapes and sizes. This little black dress is solving the worlds wardrobe problems one body type at a time!

A sweater dress is very form-fitting, true, but it is also made of a material that will stretch to fit. How do I know? You ask. Well, I wore this exact dress when I was 7 months pregnant and it still fit like a charm. So I’m confident when I say a sweater dress can fit all shapes and sizes.

Also, if you are feeling blue about your current weight or body status, one can never go wrong with a solid black outfit! Some tips: I am wearing a large, so if you are questionable a large did give me wiggle room. Also the dress linked is not the exact dress I have on, but I’ve done my research and they are almost identical! I will link the outfit information below!

Outfit Details: Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress (similar) / Dress Boot (similar) / Clutch (similar) / Gold Earrings I ordered from Premier Designs

Lips: Mac liner in Oak and Malley Lip Gloss in Orchid