Mommy & Me Vol. 1

Welcome to my very first Mommy and Me Monday! These are going to be my weekly posts on Motherhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m also going to be featuring a Mommy and Me look along with my post! I hope you enjoy.

Today’s topic in the mom world, weaning. I tend to see things as black or white, so when the pediatrician told me they like for you to breast feed for at least a year, that date has been imprinted in my skull. No more, no less. One year, here we go. I can do this.

I have enjoyed the sweet moments that breast-feeding brings. It is pretty amazing what your body naturally knows how to do. However, I am more than ready to have my bosoms back to myself. I don’t want anyone or anything touching them for a VERY LONG TIME. I had no clue how selfless one must be to accomplish a year of breast feeding. It’s not just the fact that it takes time, but it can be really inconvenient in certain moments. I feel like Johnny Cash when I think about all the places I’ve breast-fed. “I’ve fed everywhere man, I’ve fed everywhere, crossed the deserts bare, man, I’ve fed everywhere.” I got over modesty real quick. It might have been when a friend of my mom shamed me when I went to the car to feed the baby. She said, I quote, “You don’t go to the bathroom to eat your hamburger do you?!” Well there you go! Continue reading “Mommy & Me Vol. 1”