Pumpkin Party


It’s almost time to get in the Christmas mood, but today I’m sharing a couple of ideas for a Fall Birthday or get-together. I made these cute pumpkin party favors for Charlie’s first birthday and had to share. They are so easy,and could still be used for a Thanksgiving party.

I got the idea from Pinterest originally, but kind of made it my own with switching the materials up a little. All you need is:

  • One pack of orange plastic table clothes (Mine were from Wal-Mart)
  • A 9 inch baking pan
  • Green duct tape (picked this up at Michaels)
  • Candy of your choice

This makes around 25 pumpkins.

Trace a circle around your 9 inch baking pan onto your table cloth.

Next just place a handful of candy in the center, wrap the cut out around the candy, twist the top to secure, and hold in place with a strip of the green duct tape. Just like that you have cute little pumpkins filled with candy. Yes, it was really THAT easy. Also this is a super affordable party favor. The most expensive part was the candy, and you can be creative with that, like only using bubble gum instead of mini candy bars. Whatever fits in your budget :)!


Secondly, I’m sharing a centerpiece idea for Fall entertaining. This pumpkin centerpiece was inspired from the Cinderella party theme. However, we all took one home and used them for personal decor afterwards. I like to switch colors up and be a little different sometimes. These would be so cute if you are entertaining for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It does require a little extra work. We used:

  • Light blue acrylic paint. One small bottle covered three medium pumpkins and 10 mini pumpkins.
  • Glitter spray paint (again I found this at Michaels, but I’m sure Wal-Mart would have it).
  • Empty food can
  • Fresh flowers

Cut a small hole around the stem of the pumpkin, gut it, place the empty can in the center, add water and fresh flowers. *An important step is placing the empty food can in the center. This will hold the water to place the flowers in and preserve the life of the pumpkin. If you for-go this step it will cause the pumpkin to rot rather quickly, so I highly recommend doing this if you want your centerpiece to last a little longer!