New Boots & Nana’s Pond


Adler’s Great Grandmother’s don’t get to see him often. They live about an hour and a half from us, and let’s face it, life is busier than we would like it to be at times. Joshua and I have made an effort to visit them as Adler grows, so they can see his milestones. It brings joy to their lives and warms or hearts to see them interact with him <3.

While we were at Nana’s we decided to utilize a little extra family time together (which is rare with Joshua’s work schedule), and prepare for the upcoming Duck Hunting Season. Joshua is training our Weimaraner, Sprocket, how to retrieve out of the water. Adler and I tagged along for emotional support. If you’ve never heard of the Weimaraner, they are rambunctious, hyper, stubborn creatures, but we love our Sprocket non-the-less. We also had ourselves a little photoshoot since the weather was perfect, and I had just so happened to purchase the new “duck boots” I’ve been wanting before we took our trip.

dsc_0930dsc_0928dsc_0922dsc_1004You can’t be outdoors in the fall without a good flannel. I love this one I picked up at Forever21!

dsc_1003The infamous duck boots. These are the Sperry Top-Sider version. You can find them at several different store locations. They run true to size and are extremely comfy!

dsc_1008dsc_1011dsc_1017It’s not always skittles and rainbows :). This is shortly after he managed to eat half of a leaf that threw me into sheer panic. All is well now, the leaf managed to make itself into Adler’s stomach before I could fish it out of his mouth…We do our best as parents right?!