Lenny Lemons

Cheers to a New Year! My New Years Resolution? To take more time for myself to continue blogging like I love. As I mentioned before, my pregnancy has NOT been blog friendly. I haven’t gotten to document these past few months quiet like I’ve wanted.

On another note, we brought in the New Year in Sevierville, TN this year. We go every year and either stay in a cabin or at The Wilderness with a whole lot of family! The highlight of this year’s trip? Getting to take our little man on a Jurassic BoatAdventure. He is in a huge dinosaur phase right now.

We set out with no location in mind and stumbled on this new attraction. It was snowing outside so we stayed bundled, but the boat took us on an indoor adventure. It could be scary for smaller children. Adler was too fascinated to be scared. I’d recommend going if you’re there and in need for short entertainment. It’s probably not something adults would enjoy on their own. We finished our outing at Little Tokyo Hibachi grill where Adler got to watch a hibachi chef for the first time. Our food was great! I’d highly recommend eating there. Overall, it was a good day!

I’m featuring our mom and me hats in this post from Lenny Lemons. It took us about a month to receive them in the mail only because their company ships from China. I think they were worth the wait, however, order them in advance if you are wanting a set for yourself.

Mommy & Me Vol. 2

To The Mom

To the single mom, the working mom, the stay home mom, the tired mom, the hormonal mom, the struggling mom, the defeated mom, the poor mom, the rich mom, the good mom, and even the bad mom:

Our days may look different but our purpose is the same

We face each trial and triumph with the same end game.

This perfect little child was entrusted to us

We never imagined it’d be such a fuss

I can’t do this! We think once a day

Then we feel guilty for thinking this way.

Where’s your other half who pledged his love to you

One day you woke to find that he was through

Where are the days when you just want to be home

But it pays the bills to go answer that phone

Where’s the break, when there’s no end in sight

You aren’t sure how long you can fight.

Where’s the rest that you so desperately need

“Let this child sleep”, to the Lord you plead.

Where’s the peace when it’s emotions you face

You are ashamed to be in this kind of state.

Where’s the quiet place when you’re facing a struggle

But the kids need you to be there on the double

Where’s the hope when you’ve lost it all

You aren’t sure how many times you can fall

Where’s the money when you have none

You can’t take the pressure, you are done

Where’s the content with all that money

It doesn’t buy happiness, you were told that honey

You see we seem to think that each mom has it better

But there’s always a storm that one has to weather.

Let’s not compare who has it worse

But change our mindsets and see our self worth

Regardless of your role, we have one that’s the same

To raise a child the best we can, we have the same end game.

                                                         Kara B. Spurlock 

My Outfit Details: Herringbone Vest / Jeans (My first pair of luckies and they are amazing! So comfortable and they hold their color after being washed! They are so worth the investment.) Boots / Bracelet / Earrings (Premier Designs, you an order from this representative)  / Nail Polish- OPI -Chic From Ears to Tail  / Lip Color- Mac in Stone

Adler’s Outfit: Sweater / Jeans / Boots




Mommy & Me Vol. 1

Welcome to my very first Mommy and Me Monday! These are going to be my weekly posts on Motherhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m also going to be featuring a Mommy and Me look along with my post! I hope you enjoy.

Today’s topic in the mom world, weaning. I tend to see things as black or white, so when the pediatrician told me they like for you to breast feed for at least a year, that date has been imprinted in my skull. No more, no less. One year, here we go. I can do this.

I have enjoyed the sweet moments that breast-feeding brings. It is pretty amazing what your body naturally knows how to do. However, I am more than ready to have my bosoms back to myself. I don’t want anyone or anything touching them for a VERY LONG TIME. I had no clue how selfless one must be to accomplish a year of breast feeding. It’s not just the fact that it takes time, but it can be really inconvenient in certain moments. I feel like Johnny Cash when I think about all the places I’ve breast-fed. “I’ve fed everywhere man, I’ve fed everywhere, crossed the deserts bare, man, I’ve fed everywhere.” I got over modesty real quick. It might have been when a friend of my mom shamed me when I went to the car to feed the baby. She said, I quote, “You don’t go to the bathroom to eat your hamburger do you?!” Well there you go! Continue reading “Mommy & Me Vol. 1”