Home for the Holidays 

When we were growing up my mom would transform our house into the North Pole. It was Christmas everywhere you looked! I remember the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me to have our house all festive. My dad would spend an entire Saturday hanging ice sickle lights and wrapping the shrubs.

I never realized the work the two of them had to put into decorating, but I’m glad they did it. Now that I’m grown and have Adler, I want him to experience Christmas the way I remember it. We didn’t get too crazy with decorations this year because our house has been an ongoing project, but we got a little festive! Here’s some decorating tips and a look into our cozy little home 😊.  Continue reading “Home for the Holidays “

Casual Kind of Day

Today Adler and I have A LOT to do. We are packing to go home for Thanksgiving, grocery shopping for the food we are cooking, and making a pumpkin cheesecake. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but with a 10 month old, this could take my entire day lol!

Sometimes when I’m running errands I get tired of my typical mom uniform, which consists of exercise pants and a sweatshirt. Soooo, I’m sharing a more casual look that is comfy for doing “mom things” or “wifey” things. Two styles I like right now, are layering shirts, and wearing beanies. My favorite aspect of this outfit is the beanie I found at Target for $8! I hope I’ve inspired you to stay warm, fashionable, and most importantly comfy while doing your Holiday errands!


Beanie /  Flannel  / Jean Shirt /  Boots