Not Letting it Rain on my Parade

OH MY GOSH! It has been a day people. Let me keep it short and sweet by telling what insanity has been going on around here. I’ve hunted in my attic along with a Wildlife Professional for flying squirrels that have been haunting me at night; I’ve cared for a sick, clingy, whiney baby;  I’ve chased after an imaginary burglar with my hand gun; I’ve performed stage one of the Heimlich maneuver on Adler who was choking on a pear, attempted to catch up on the mound of laundry I’ve had piled, chased after Sprocket who stole Adler’s dinner, beat Sprocket and banned him outside until I forgave him, attempted laundry again, and then I gave up. Adler has finally surrendered, so, I decided to decompress and blog! Continue reading “Not Letting it Rain on my Parade”