The Flip House

Let me start out by saying that as easy as HGTV makes it look, flipping a house is no joke! Since Joshua started into the real estate business with his brother, we have done some renovations to smaller units, but THIS, this is our first full flip baby. If you would like to test your marriage and/or relationship of any kind, then I encourage you to flip a house together. This particular project has taken about 3.5 months with a lot of lessons learned along the way. There have been laughs, there have been tears, there’s been sweat, there’s been changed minds, mistakes and corrections, hugs, joy, frustration, agreement, disagreement, and the just about any other emotion that exists. However, when it is all said and done, the hectic journey is soon forgotten and the finished product was so very worth it.

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Home for the Holidays 

When we were growing up my mom would transform our house into the North Pole. It was Christmas everywhere you looked! I remember the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me to have our house all festive. My dad would spend an entire Saturday hanging ice sickle lights and wrapping the shrubs.

I never realized the work the two of them had to put into decorating, but I’m glad they did it. Now that I’m grown and have Adler, I want him to experience Christmas the way I remember it. We didn’t get too crazy with decorations this year because our house has been an ongoing project, but we got a little festive! Here’s some decorating tips and a look into our cozy little home 😊.  Continue reading “Home for the Holidays “

Adler’s New Nook

We’ve been in our house a little over a year and have just started some renovations. Our house is a little older, which I personally loved when we were searching around. It has so much character. My new favorite space to go is this little nook I just created for Adler. I’m hoping he will love reading as much as I do, and use his space to be creative! I wish I had a before and after picture. It used to be an empty space with ugly yellow walls. That’s the best mental picture I can give you. But for now, enjoy some ideas from our cool new nook!


The “wallpaper” is my FAVORITE! I found this at Lowes. It is made by Brewster and is called Wallcovering Blue Repositionable Vinyl Self-Adhesive Classic Wallpaper. It is really just peel and stick decorative paper. It was so easy to put up, I was able to do it myself! If you have an imperfection, you can simply peel it back and re-stick it as desired. I applied this in sections, so had to do that several times being the perfectionist I am and it never lost its cohesiveness. Lastly, I took the end of a glass cup and pressed over every square inch to smooth it as desired! I had to use three rolls to cover one wall.


I picked this trunk up at TJ Maxx, and converted it to a toy box. I love the rustic look of it.


Hobby Lobby had the hook up for the wall decor. I bought these pictures and shelf when they were having a 50% off sale for all of them! I’m a sucker for saving and Hobby Lobby always runs good sales!


I put a fluffy white bean bag from TJ Maxx inside the teepee to encourage a comfy reading area. The teepee I found at Hobby Lobby when they were doing their special where you get 40% off one item. It was originally $100, but we got it for a little over $60!